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Medication Administration  Training & Other Class Offerings 
The Sate of Colorado Child care Licensing requires all day care providers to take and successfully complete a medication administration training before administering medications to children.This needed for large center staff including drop in care, before and after school programs, as well as organizations providing parent night out services. This training is also required for those people who are providing day care in their homes.

Caring 4 Kids Nurse consulting offers medication trainings periodically around the state for those who are in need of trainings. These trainings are done on site at our location with the most recent manual developed by the State in July 2008. We use various teaching methods to help the learner familiarize and feel much more familiar with the standards of providing medications to children in your care.

To assist you in locating a medication class please click on the link below. You will then be able to see the upcoming classes that are currently being offered. If you do not see a class that would meet your needs or you have a need for your organization specifically, please feel free to utilize the contact us page to share your needs further. Please be specific related to number of students, your location, the training combination you are looking for, as well as several dates and times you may be interested in. We do ask that there are a minimum of 5 participants in each medication class.

Other Trainings:
Caring 4 Kids provides other  training opportunities related to  other areas of health, wellness and safety in childcare. Please feel free to contact us to visit further about other class offerings available. 

Caring 4 Kids Nurse Consulting, also partners with other organizations to provide childcare staff training opportunities. Registration for those trainings may be located here also. Please refer to your class announcement for registration procedures.

We look forward to working with your organization to  provide quality trainings to your staff at your location.

Please click HERE to register for training courses in  our shopping cart.

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